Temptation to do good by David Heisler

David Heisler, Tony Maden, and Dee Winter 2007

The most subtle influence satan has on the believer is not temptation to do evil, but rather temptation to do good. The temptation to live by a set of ethics, morals and values and focus on self-improvement is by far the most effective method the wicked one has to keep the believer from realizing union with the Father. Let us then see by faith our union with the Tree of Life — Jesus — and refuse the temptation to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Intercession Is Not Working For God By Norman Grubb

Daily Thoughts

Intercession Is Not Working For God

By Norman Grubb

He is able to save completely those who come to God through him”

– Hebrews 7:25.

An intercessor is not “working for God”; he is the human means by which God is doing His own work – and that’s all. The fundamental difference is between the way we “tried” to be God’s servants, when we were still under the delusion that the redeemed man does God’s work for Him and with His help, and the revelation now given us that we are not really we at all, but He in us that He may be He by us. We, indeed, need to have this clear deep down to the center of our consciousness, so that our basic outlook on what we commonly call Christian service has been revolutionized; and we cannot, simply cannot, be caught up again in that frustrating, ulcer-causing, nervous-breakdown-producing rat race of “doing our best for Him.”

Our calling is to activity, non-stop activity, probably more ceaseless and intense activity than in that former way; to a sacrifice that, as with C. T. Studd and so many thousands of others, may bring us the honor of empty pockets, worn-out bodies, lives laid down (and we reckon it the highest honor God could ever give a man when it was said of Jesus, “It pleased the Lord to bruise him”). All this is now God in saving action by us, God reaching man through man. The intercessor is commissioned (Isaiah 59:16). The intercessor is involved (Isaiah 53:12). But all this is meaningless unless the intercessor is also authoritative (Hebrews 7:25).

– The Spontaneous You

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There Are Only Two Intercessors By Rees Howells

Daily Thoughts

There Are Only Two Intercessors

By Rees Howells

In intercession you must always allow the Holy Spirit to direct you in it. Everything of yourself, of your own life, must go if you are to be an intercessor, but you cannot give your life for others if it belongs to you. There are only two intercessors, the Saviour and the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit must have a body to pray and intercede through.

I have never done one thing in intercession without his telling me. Before God can disclose his will to you, you must be willing for his will to be done through you and pay the price. The strength of an intercession is the price paid for it. The Saviour placed the highest value on lost souls so that he was prepared even to die for them. That is why one soul is worth more than all the things of the world put together. I have never lost the consciousness that I was bought with the blood of the Saviour, and if he, who was perfect, was made sin for me, then I should regret it throughout eternity if I had been unwilling for the Holy Spirit to pay any price through me for others.

taken from The Intercession of Rees Howells by Doris Ruscoe.

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