The Obedience of Faith 信仰の服従

Notes from Norman

The Obedience of Faith
By Norman P. Grubb


Norman P. Grubb著

But many still regard “Christ in me” as two. It looks like two. Christ in you, Christ in you. It should mean that you’re One, really. But it doesn’t always mean that because we’re so used to separation. We’re so used to preserving separation that we tend to think it’s Christ in me, two of us. Therefore it’s a question when you get through until you say I am Christ in my human form. Not “He’s in me”. Christ IS me. Inside that, there does remain a “two,” but that comes afterwards. Inside it, you are a human, you’re the human, you operate as a human. And, down here on earth, as I say, that human gets pulled out, that’s our enterprise, that’s our adventure, is to get pulled out, as if you are apart from Him. That’s the whole life. It consists of the adventure of this trial stuff.

しかし、多くの人が「私の中のキリスト」を2つと考えています。 それは2つのように見えます。 あなたの中のキリスト、あなたの中のキリスト。 それは、あなたが本当に一つであることを意味するはずです。 しかし、それは必ずしも我々が分離に慣れているので、必ずしもそうであるとは限りません。 私たちは、分離を維持するのにとても慣れています。私たちはそれが私の中でキリストだと思う傾向があります。 それゆえ、私が人間の形でキリストであると言うまで、あなたが通過するときの質問です。 “彼は私の中にいる”ではありません。 キリストは私です。 その中には、「2つ」は残っていますが、それは後になります。 それの中で、あなたは人間、あなたは人間、あなたは人間として動作します。 私が言うように、人間が引き出されるのは、私たちの企業です。それは、私たちの冒険です。あなたがあたかも離れているかのように引き出されることです。 それが一生です。 この試練品の冒険で構成されています。

Presumably, we shan’t have that in heaven. How we operate in heaven when there’s nothing that consciously pulls us out, I don’t know. We still remain two. It’s a paradox. It’s still Christ is Christ and you are you. And yet, He’s kind of overwhelmed you so the real you is Christ and that’s the best you can put it in the human language. But it’s still Christ is Christ and you are you.

おそらく、私たちは天国でそれを持たないでしょう。 私たちが意識的に私たちを引き出してくれるものがないときに私たちが天国で働く方法はわかりません。 我々はまだ2つ残っている。 パラドックスです。 それはまだキリストであり、あなたはあなたです。 それでも、彼はあなたを圧倒しているので、あなたが本当の人であり、人間の言葉で言えば最高です。 しかしそれはまだキリストであり、あなたはあなたです。

Down here on earth, temptation is the one that makes that a consciousness because the devil pulls you out. But the Bible says God is never tempted of evil. That means when we’re into God’s realm there’s no temptation. There are no opposites to pull you. See, when we’re up there we don’t know how we operate as being Christ and yet being ourselves. We can’t answer that. When we get there we’ll talk about that one. How you operate when there’s nothing to pull you out as if you’re yourself. And yet you are yourself. You’re still two as one yet two. That’s the nearest you can put it. So that’s it.

ここでは、悪魔があなたを引き抜くので、誘惑はそれを意識させるものです。 しかし、聖書は、神は決して悪に誘惑されないと言います。 つまり、私たちが神の世界に入っているときには、誘惑はありません。 あなたを引き離す反対はありません。 私たちがそこにいるとき、私たちがキリストでありながら自分自身であるようにどのように行動するのか分かりません。 私たちはそれに答えることはできません。 私たちがそこに着くと、そのことについて話します。 あなた自身のようにあなたを引っ張ってくれるものがないときは、あなたはどのように行動しますか? それでもあなたはあなたです。 あなたはまだまだ2人です。 それはあなたが置くことができる最も近いものです。 そうです。

And I have a new life living in me. A new Life is me. Good news. Christ is me, the hope of glory. Hallelujah.

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そして、私は新しい人生が私の中に住んでいます。 新しい人生が私です。 良いニュース。 キリストは私、栄光の希望です。 ハレルヤ。


A New Pentecost By Linda Bunting and Harriet Wearren

Screenshots from A.D. Kingdom and Empire

A New Pentecost

By Linda Bunting and Harriet Wearren

In 1973, the year John and I, along with Wade and Harriet Wearren moved into our new homes on Poplar Lane, I asked Norman Grubb if there was anyone else on the planet that he shared with, Paul’s mystery of the gospel in Col.1:28 and Galatians 2:20. His answer was “Oh yes, my dear, I visit folk all over the country.” So, I asked him if we could have a house party and invite them over for a week-end of sharing. In 1974 we hosted 40 people, the next year 80 and from that time, we outgrew the house and began meeting yearly outside in a tent with a crowd that grew to 250 coming from all over the world.

After 40 plus years, the Spirit clearly spoke to us saying; “Shut Louisville Down.” Age was taking a toll on us and since we were sensitive to the Spirits ways, Harriet and I agreed to have lunch to discuss what we thought He was trying to tell us. She began by saying she thought we should be finished. Then she asked me: “How does that make you feel?” To which I replied, “It makes me very sad but I take to heart how He is moving in you.” We parted saying to each other, “We will trust HIM to change one of us.” After a few days He said to me: “Unto every thing there is a season,” which gave me peace that this was His word, to us, to do. We decided to have one last time together and then let it go.

The news went out and although most were sad, a most encouraging letter came from Bill Oberdorf saying this:

” Linda, It is easy to lay down something that is dead, it is very costly to lay down something that is living.” “And unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies,it remains by itself alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.”

“Bears much fruit” ….

As we were sinking into the reality that there would no longer be a family reunion, a time set apart when we came together to renew our love and fellowship, We also knew that Louisville would never be repeated again; What was old was over! What was new was on its way, and since one cannot put old wine into new wineskins, we had hope that the Spirit would give us the new word He wanted us to believe.

Then a promise came … “I will shake everything that can be shaken, until that which cannot be shaken shall remain.” … And that can only be Christ manifested in many sons.

What was the Spirit up to?

Through the years, Norman spoke of a second Reformation. We knew he was right but where and how would it come! For the most part in our circles the main topic of conversation became a Political fight between the left and right and social issues such as gay rights and abortion.

Pentecost/Holy Spirit.

Out of our appearing negatives, some of us began to sense the positive word that it would take another Pentecost; another mighty rushing wind of the Spirit to shake loose the old traditions that have, for centuries, held the body of Christ in bondage.

To most, Pentecost is just a history lesson. An event that happened only to those that were present.

In the 60’s there was an outbreak of the Spirit upon the body of Christ with the emphasis being on receiving the gifts. Yet, came another split. The ones who were blessed with the gifts said that if you did not have them, you did not have the Spirit. Oral Roberts even said it to Benny Hinn, twice, on television. I could hardly believe my ears.

BUT, because THE GIFTS CAN NEVER BE THE GIVER, (they are only an attribute of the Him), many in the Charismatic movement have moved in different directions, even some going back under law which for some resulted in “shepherding.”

It seems the Holy Spirit has been the least known or discussed person of the Trinity. We speak of God and Jesus but when ask ‘WHO’ is the Holy Spirit, the answers usually come back (ABOUT) him, OR that he is a vapor of dust; a ghost; or from the more scholarly, the quoted scriptures that tell ABOUT him as a helper.

In the meantime there was a small group of us meeting at Donna Brenzel’s house. Out of nowhere the topic of just who the Holy Spirit IS began to emerge. As the weeks went on, our eyes were opened to the fact that, for the sake of definition, the Holy Spirit in His own right, IS A PERSON ALSO!

Then came this most profound word from Gary Bonikowsky in Canada saying: “We did not participate in the birth of Jesus, but his death and resurrection is another story. And that story is a vital part of us and who we are in Him. We are who He died to produce. Shouldn’t we, who have entered into the holiest, by a new and living way, be occupied living it out rather than coming back again and again to celebrate an annual ritual about entering in? And what of Pentecost, that supreme event in human history and the religious calendar, where the risen glorified Christ, seated at the right hand of the Father, sends forth His Holy Spirit to inhabit the lives of the redeemed, to effect the Vine/Branch union, to (cause) us to be what we were created to be and could not be without? Compared to Easter it goes practically unrecognized. These things trouble me.”

Think about it! Easter was to satisfy God … Pentecost is to satisfy US. The blood shed and sprinkled, ONCE, was enough to take our sins out of God’s sight as far as the east from the west. His eyes are too pure to behold iniquity.

If we celebrated Pentecost and total truth of what really happened when the veil was ripped in two and the Spirit came out …. the body of Christ would rise to take its rightful position as heirs and sons. Not little children, nor young men, but Fathers. There is much to be told of the rest of the story.

As you can see, Pentecost/Holy Spirit have become the operative words in our consciousness. He is moving us to do as the early men did when they heard Jesus say; ” Behold, I am sending forth the promise of My Father upon you, but you are to wait here until you are clothed with power from on high.”

And that is exactly what we are doing; waiting, encouraging each other to say that The Holy Spirit, Pentecost, and the Reformation IS at hand; The power coming is not just in us, but in the whole body of Christ. It is finished and the shout of a KING IS AMONG US!

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Ministries kicking off the last reformation

The Obedience of Faith

By faith Tony obeyed God’s call to Japan 2018

Notes from Norman

The Obedience of Faith

By Norman P. Grubb

Then, just at this very occasion, He came to Gethsemane. At Gethsemane He said, “Oh, if it be possible, let this cup pass from Me.” That’s a separate Jesus. And then He says, “Not as I will, but Thou will.” Two wills. He’d just said there’s only One, and now suddenly says there’s two. That’s a paradox. Now, it doesn’t bother you when you know the union. If you don’t know it, it does bother you. And that’s why, until you know the union, you’re bothered by yourself and your weaknesses and your failures and your troubles and you’re self-bothered. Because you don’t know the union. When you know the union it doesn’t bother you about yourself. But it will turn up every now and then.

That’s what you might say the great adventure of faith was for Him, that for one moment He was tempted. In all points He was tempted, but we only know one specific point where He recognizes temptation, or when He followed it. That’s when He said, “I don’t want to die”. But He came to die! He’s going back on His very union. That’s temptation. As if He wasn’t the Father, if He were just Jesus Christ apart, Jesus Christ who didn’t want to die. Yes, that’s normal human…like my friend who hates her husband…doesn’t want to do something. That’s OK. That’s normal.

But then, you see, Oh, no, no, no, no. Not I. Not My will but Thine. Mind you it took Him 3 hours of bloody sweat to get that settled up. He had to go back and get settled up in Gethsemane because that was a tremendous occasion, that God would use Satan to take Him to the cross and be God using Satan. That was a tremendous issue…to see God in Satan. Now, see, the crucifixion was God’s cup…not Satan’s. That was a tremendous insight. The cup My Father’s given Me was Satan. God gave Him Satan.

So, I can only say that you can’t really understand the freedom in which you’re back as a self, a free self, until you know the union, because until you know that, while you’ve got separation, you’re afraid of yourself and you doubt yourself and you question yourself. You worry, “What about this, and what about that, what about my failures and so on?” And you’re failure-minded rather than success-minded. When it’s settled into me as the permanent fact, “I’m not I but Christ,” I’m not running myself. I’m not running it. It’s His show now. If I’m a mess, I’m His mess. Ok, off I go, enjoy life. I’m perfectly free! Because I know I’m not I. So I always say I live like with a great big wink! I’m myself, but I’m HE!

Well, the curious thing is that you come back as yourself. This is the secret. You become a totally free person as if it’s just you. It IS you. That’s why I always said to you that there’s never a bigger egotist on earth than Jesus Christ.

No one ever said a bigger “I” than He did. I am the way, I am the door, I am the life, I am the good shepherd, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I. That looks like egotist, until you look inside Him. “Oh, no, it isn’t I. It’s My Father in Me. I only do what I see the Father do. I only say what the Father says. It’s the Father in me. It looks like me.” So you’ve got the curious paradox which the world always mistakes, and your fellow Christians mistake. They’ll say you’re full of pride. Or full of self.

You’re meant to be full of self. You’ll get back to be a total egotist. With a wink in it. Because you know it isn’t you, it’s He. But you are you. So you get the paradox.

Now comes the self as an asset. Until I know that this self is God-managed, I’m afraid of myself because I’ve been fighting as if I’m independent. Independent self is the flesh. Independent self is in the hands of the flesh because that belongs to Satan. It’s Satan-made independent flesh. It’s a lie. We have never been independent. The moment you’re redeemed, you’re remarried. The old marriage is out, the new one is in. The old marriage in the death of Christ cut you off from the old husband, sin and the devil. In the resurrection, you are joined to the new husband, Jesus Christ. So you never have been a widow or in-between. We act as if we become a lonely widow in between and there’s no such a thing. It’s a lie.

So an independent self is part of the flesh. But self can’t fight self. So when I’m tempted and I act as myself, I fear I can’t get out of my fears. If I forget I’m Christ and say, “I fear,” which I do, I’m a human and my humanity gets me. “I fear,” all right, while I’m in it I can’t beat it. I’m slipping back as if I’m an independent person in the flesh. And of course it’s a good practice.

Wait a minute, it isn’t your fear, because God’s your courage. And your fear is your jumping off point. It’s your adventure of faith. No, no, this gives me a chance to say, of course, God’s my courage and God puts courage through me when I’m terrified and I’ll remain terrified and yet I’ll act on God’s courage. But you see, the purpose of God, the art of God, the science of God, if you like, His utter purpose is to have totally free people. Because it’s by manifested sons that He manifests himself. Because the universal can only be known by it’s manifested form. You cannot know it otherwise. That’s one of the laws of the universe.

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