Tradition By T. Austin-Sparks

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By T. Austin-Sparks

From the latter days of the Apostles till now, the history of Christianity is a history of prisons. This history is not of literal or material prisons, though there have been not a few of these. It is a history of prisons, which are the result of man’s long established habit of bringing the Spirit into bondage.

How many times has the Spirit broken loose and moved in a new and free way only to have that way brought under man’s control and crystallized into another form, creed, organization, denomination, sect, order, community, or the like! The invariable result has been that the Spirit’s free movement and life has been cramped or even killed by the prison of the framework into which He has been drawn or forced.

Every time we seek to express something divine in word or form, we at once limit it. When that expression or form becomes the established and recognized formula, we have, in effect, put fetters on the Spirit. God gives a vision, and every God-given vision has unlimited potential and possibilities. But all too soon the vision is laid hold of by men who never received it by the Spirit. Then the grapes of Eschol turn to raisins in their hands. So very many of the living fruits of the heavenly country have suffered in this way and become dried, shrunken, and unctionless shadows of their early glory.

Successors, sponsors, or adherents build an earthly organization on a living movement of the Spirit, born with fire in the heart of some prophet. They imprison the vision in a tradition. A message becomes a creed; a heavenly vision becomes an earthly institution; a movement of the Spirit becomes a work, which must be kept going by the steam of human energy and maintained by man’s resourcefulness.

Any real (or seeming) departure or diversion from the recognized and traditional order of creed or practice will sooner or later become heresy, to be violently suspected, repressed, and cast out. What was, at its beginning, a spiritual energy-producing living organism, expressing something that God really wanted and to which He gave birth has too often become something which the next generation has to sustain and struggle hard at to keep going. The thing has developed a self-interest, and it will go hard with anyone or anything interfering or seeming to interfere with it. The Spirit has become the prisoner of the institution or system, and as a result the people become limited spiritually.

All along the way the Spirit must be referred to and deferred to. In anything in which the Spirit may have His liberties limited, the Spirit will be a rebel. And if He is in us, He will make us to rebel against unspiritual restrictions.

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Dear Friends,

If you receive my posts by email you may have received a whole bunch of emails last night each describing part of my career history like my resume/cv.

I apologize that you got these all in one go. I thought that the notification system had been turned off for this batch of new posts. I switched off the social media notifications but completely forgot about all those who receive notifications by email.

My purpose of adding these posts was to create an opportunity for lessons learned during my career to be recalled, remembered, and re-examined in light of my born again single-eye seeing nowadays.

Thanks to my partner in time Sue for letting me know. Apologies again that you received so many email notifications in one day.



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We Are Now the Word Made Flesh By Fred Pruitt

Daily Thoughts

We Are Now the Word Made Flesh

By Fred Pruitt

God’s purposes and God’s people (which is “anyone” who wants to be one), will be revealed, fuThe greatest change perhaps is that we no longer are looking for blessings. My life has finally ceased to be “about ME!” We realize we ARE the blessing and the blessers, and that means we have something to bring to the table.

Now, the most powerful thing we bring to the table of being with other humans, is ourselves. We don’t need props or proofs. Why? Because we are the Light of the World, the Salt of the Earth, known and read of all men. We do not come to people as enlightened heavenly beings, here to “grace” those who receive us with special favor and secret knowledge. No, we come as brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, cousins and friends. We come finally as Who and What we are – human beings whose self-identity is Christ in us. One person, manifest in and as the many persons, each unique and distinct in their Christ-empowered humanity.

Whatever is the mist on the mountain of humanity right now, whatever is trying to block our view of the whole panorama of God’s continual workings and manifestations, is only a passing thing. Whatever turmoil there is or whatever turmoil that may come, whatever pain or insecurity or fear we might experience worrying about our future, NOTHING HAS CHANGED! Today’s current events do not change the plan of God or put it on hold or alter it in any way. Today’s vexations are the springboards to tomorrow’s opening of the things of God.

God’s hand is still outstretched, calling every and anyone to come, take of the water of life freely. It is an open invitation and we repeat it now. It doesn’t matter one’s station, level of knowledge, politics, or professed beliefs, because when we knock on God’s door He answers with overabundant love and grace. So are all who are born of His Spirit. We become the overabundant love and grace. We are all, “the Word made flesh.”

Peace be with you.

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