The Obedience of Faith by Norman Grubb

The Obedience of Faith By Norman P. Grubb On the same principle, if you’re a saved soul, you aren’t bothered about your sins. They’re replaced. You don’t say, “I’m a sinner.” You were a sinner. That doesn’t bother you. You’ll glory in the fact that you were a sinner. You’re righteous as Christ is righteous … Continue reading The Obedience of Faith by Norman Grubb

Let the Son Rise Screen grabs and video from Joe Niemand on YouTube The Spirit of God drew me to Joe's music in 2006 after watching the true story of Angus Buchanan in the movie "Faith Like Potatoes". You can hear other music from Joe on our music page

Singleness & Marriage on the Mission Field by Norman P. Grubb

Singleness & Marriage on the Mission Field by Norman P. Grubb and Commentary by Tony Maden The single woman who has gone through is the finest missionary on earth. Because she has suffered as we haven’t. You married men and women be careful of selfishness. I never like to see, in the company of two … Continue reading Singleness & Marriage on the Mission Field by Norman P. Grubb

Godfather’s heart 💜 casts out all fear

This post below reminds me of yin and yang, and gemini twins.. perhaps that is why I live and breath from Father's heart with a big heart for all people nowadays - Perfect love casts out ALL fear - its the open heart of people at The Church of the Resurrection Leawood that I sense … Continue reading Godfather’s heart 💜 casts out all fear

Ever Learning part 2

Ever Learning II by David Heisler But, what is the “truth”? Well many things in life are true, or, at least appear to be. There are certain true rules of nature. We know gravity is true, but, we also know it is relative. There is no gravity in Space. There is less gravity on the … Continue reading Ever Learning part 2

Ever Learning part 1

Ever Learning by David Heisler All my “Christian” life, since 1971, I have heard people talking about “learning”. And, generally speaking, “learning” is a good thing. I always say, “You learn something new every day”. Sometimes, you learn something that you knew a long time ago, but just forgot. That’s a sign of getter older, … Continue reading Ever Learning part 1

Shadowlands by C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis' Shadowlands, produced by LA Theatre Works is has been a annual meditation for over ten years. I listen to it least five times each year to remind me that perfect love comes in many forms. Including forms we do not always enjoy like suffering and pain. I hope you enjoy hearing this amazing … Continue reading Shadowlands by C.S. Lewis

Job lost his family too

During my time in Japan many have asked about my family and my wife. I tried my best to explain the events and circumstances that led to my wife deciding she didn't want to carry on in our marriage. I was never going to initiate the process of divorce but she chose to. After the … Continue reading Job lost his family too

Just an illusion It could be that it's just an illusion #fx - what you see with your senses isn't the reality you so easily accept - as Norman Grubb said something like "we are seethroughers not see atters"