How to use DropVox for voice recording

DropVox-ScreenYears ago, when our family first purchased iPhones, I started exploring voice recorder applications to replace my use of separate devices (like Olympus WS-110). I started using Griffin iTalk initially, but when I started having some reliability issues late last year, which I’m sure they have resolved by now, I moved to Alon Software’s Dictaphone and my favorite, DropVox .

A month ago, I started talking to fellow Fizzler David Bilbrey, who, like me, enjoys listening to podcasts. When we met recently we talked about starting a regular discussion about Permaculture, Sacred Economics, photography, coaching and accountability, but do all this as a live recording for later reflection, editing and publishing.

So I was showing David yesterday about DropVox and decided to make this quick video to demonstrate the workflow I use from my iPhone, through to DropBox then to titling in iTunes before publishing on Podbean. Enjoy!

Mentioned in this video:

Griffin iTalk Premium
Alon Dictaphone
DropVox / DropBox
Reflector to mirror image from iPhone to Macbook
Snagit for screen recording
Podbean for free/limited podcasting
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David Bilbrey, Permaculture Design Certified, @
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