Talking ‘at’ students is not training

While the statement “talking isn’t training” might be obvious to many who teach as part of their work role, you’d be surprised how many agree with this statement, yet, still talk ‘at’ their students!

Sure talking is fine if your students understand the terminology and context of the training material, or already have some familiarity with what is being shared.

But in the case of teaching a senior citizen, for example, how to make a call on a smartphone that they have never used before, a visual demonstration or video might be a more effective method than talking alone.

Video isn’t always the answer, but for some it can be an effective supplement or follow-up to a hands-on demonstration.

Seems obvious right, but during the next week pay attention to the many opportunities you see where video could quickly communicate far more effectively that words alone – let me know what you see.

And, if you’d like help getting your video training project started, let me know 🙂

What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?

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