Mockers; Meditate day and night; Tree, Seasons (Psalm 1)

06302105_PSALM1Thank God, since being commissioned on April 27th 2015, my Lord instructed me to start speaking and sharing The Word:

The Word today is Psalm 1

sits in the seat of scoffers or mockers‘, ‘meditate day and night‘ and ‘trees, seasons…‘ always draws my close attention.

1. Sitting in the seat of scoffers/mockers, is the last of three statements on posture: walk, stand, sit – each a slowing down, and becoming more lazy in our posture – sitting is like ‘sitting on the fence’ throwing rocks at passers by, but not participating in the living and movement of life.

I remember being shocked when I visited my first city-wide prayer meeting in November 2005. I expected to see those in attendance  kneeling or prostrate on the floor as if they were kneeling before King Jesus in Heaven, before the throne of grace.

What I saw were men and women sitting in chairs, most bowed over, but sitting in chairs, nevertheless. Then the Word of The Lord came to me: Sitting in the seat of scoffers/mockers. While there is no law on posture while praying, and we know God examines our hearts, my sense was sitting wasn’t kneeling, or prostrate, as we might really be if we were about to talk to our Sovereign King, and His Father, in their throne room.

2. ‘meditate day and night‘: This verse always used to come up in my mind as justification to read God’s Word. These now daily posts started, in part, because of two disagreements with Sue on Monday and Tuesday this week. One of which, centered, in part around the habit of reading God’s word as His guidance to help us know Him, and to give us each day an opportunity to hear from Him, and speak specifically into our daily lives. I’d shared my concern with Sue that for all of my time in Christ (11/19/2011 onwards), I’ve been compelled to read or meditate on the word in some fashion throughout the day. However since our last visit to the Louisville reunion together in 2009 or 2010, I can’t remember precisely, Sue seemed to cease reading the word, to let God use His Word in the Bible to speak to her heart. When I often raised this concern with her, Sue always reminded me that she didn’t feel like reading, and to read with no compulsion, was going back under the law. I sort insight from my spiritual mothers on this concern, and I received two views: First was surprise that Sue wasn’t reading, the second was, ‘entrust your concern to God, and let it be’. Letting God be God in our partners is a relatively new concept for Sue and I. To let and accept that God is working faithfully in your partner in a similar way to Him working in you, gives each of us the opportunity, to step away from ‘nagging’ and ‘chiding’ the other, on what we would do. It doesn’t matter what we would do, it only matters to let and trust God to convict each other in the way He does. So lots of lessons being learned here by me, which Father creates moment by moment opportunities to remember in this new life.

3.’trees, seasons… To me, the tree is the ultimate metaphor that God use’s consistently through His Word, from the two trees in the garden of eden (Tree of Life, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil), to the tree with leaves of healing for the nations, in the Revelation of John. Trees are constantly spoken about in the old and new testament. Here in Psalm 1 “tree by streams, that bear fruit in season” its just so right on. When we first come to be known by God as children, we immediately see His goodness and love, and pop out prayers to God ‘upstairs’ like sending requests to ‘God, our cosmic vending machine’ send me, money, house, car, stuff etc. As time goes by we realize life isn’t about what we want, but what God wants – for his children to live by obedience of faith. It’s take God 14 years (and 56 seasons) to bring me to this time, and place of understanding, and knowing His ways from the beginning. As a child, I said give me, give me, give me – as a father, I say let me be broken bread and poured out wine for my world.

These were what the Lord gave me to say and share from Psalm 1 today.

What in Psalm 1 grabs your attention?


What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?

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