Philip and the Ethiopian official – (Acts 8:26-40)

The Word today is PHILIP and the ETHIOPIAN OFFICIAL – ACTS 8:26-40

Lord thank you for your Word today, thank you for life itself, for family, and the many brothers you have sent yesterday to Homer’s Coffee House, to encourage me and vice versa, namely Mike (Michael) Devine, Jason Walker and Shannon. I’m so grateful for them, some of whom are helping me with a closet project starting Thursday afternoon. Thank you Father that you will send a house painter and landscape specialist to prevent further decay and help restore our home so we may use it for your glory, and host the multitudes that are coming to break bread with us.

The Spirit highlighted these verses today as I read:

  • An angel of the Lord said to Philip and The Holy Spirit said to Philip: Philip is instantly responsive to God’s inner voice prompting and acts immediately!!!
  • The Ethiopian eunuch was an important official in charge of the treasury of the queen of Ethiopia – a trusted storehouse manager
  • Philip asked the Ethiopian “Do you understand what you are reading?” to which the Ethiopian  says “How can I understand if there is no one to teach me?” – Learners need Teachers and vice versa – symbiotic relationship.
  • The Ethiopian Official was reading the Prophet Isaiah (chapter 53:7)
  • The Official is compelled to ask of who the story speaks
  • The Ethiopian Official had an urgency to be baptized after Philip explained the Good News of Jesus Christ to him
  • The Spirit took Phillip away to Azotus from the Jerusalem to Gaza road (way before airplanes, and star trek transporters!).
  • The Ethiopian Official was full of joy  after he was baptized!!!
  • Philip  isn’t shocked at all that the Spirit takes him away to Azotus.
  • Philip continues sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ in EVERY TOWN


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