God’s Love By Mary Blair

As I lay in bed one evening, my spirit plainly told me “God doesn’t see evil.

How can that be, Lord, I asked? we know Jesus conquered evil with his death and resurrection and yet we are not ostriches. We look around us and read the paper and listen to the news and evil appears to be present everywhere. Is it in our own thinking and believing that we see it? Do we not have the mind of Christ? Are we forever replacing our human sight of evil, by seeing only God, all and in all? Is this how He is pressing through us?

I was reminded that God is LOVE, pure, sweet, self-giving, LOVE. Real LOVE (not human love), sees it’s own reflection in the loved ones. Corinthians 13 describes it perfectly.

Only when we know who we are, Christ as us, can we live that chapter and replace appearances of evil with God’s Love.

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What thoughts came to mind as you read the post?

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