IT IS DONE – Liberated by ‘What If Deliverance Never Comes’ by Fred Pruitt

New postings today:

Katie​ & Anthony​ thanks for visiting our home this evening. Delighted we are only 2 doors apart. What a pleasure for us to receive us. We look forward to helping/visiting again soon 

The missionary statesman I mentioned was Norman Grubb​ and the sister site is at ChristAsUs​ – you can subscribe to a daily email from both sites to receive daily encouragement.

The author who co-wrote the book I gave you, The Rest of The Gospel – When The Partial Gospel Has Worn You Out, was Dan Stone, and you can hear him here in a recording named “Dead Not Divorced

The recording I mentioned tonight is from Fred Pruitt​ that Sue​ and I listened to this evening that solidifies everything is here – What If Deliverance Never Comes,  and the written post is here.

What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?

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