Home Depot Interview, and the finished work of Christ!

HomeDepotLeadingMeetingsBefore I departed for my morning interview, I looked online for background on Ex-CEO Frank Blake, that my Home Depot manager friend mentioned.  I found the article from Fortune about how Frank managed the cybersecurity breach, and was pleased to see congruity between what I’d heard about Frank through his associates, and how he handled the breach event. Again this, to me at least, is a wonderful testimony and gave me confidence going to the interview, that Home Depot ‘walks-the-talk’.

8am Interview with Home Depot, Merriam: When I arrived, I heard the recruitment team sent me to the wrong store, it should have been for the 9600 Metcalf store instead. Thankfully when I arrived, I enjoyed seeing the store manager, John, lead a morning team meeting which confirmed that leadership here is congruent and ‘walking-the-talk’, and my manager friend’s feedback about her experiences was quickly validated. I enjoyed my interview with Tony, the Merchandise Execution Associate (MEA) Supervisor and look forward to hearing back if I get selected for selected for another interview with the MEA night Manager. I left the store around 10.30am.

Today I reposted some older posts that I’d pulled offline to ensure they were congruent with that transformation that was finalized in me on Wednesday July 29th, 2015, that the finished work of Christ was done, that I now live and move an have my being in Christ, and the evil one has no place in me [Lord lead me not into temptation, but deliver me from the evil one]. So I now exist only as a servant of the the most high God, where ever that takes me. I am co-savior to my world. And my Lord will bruise me, if He wants to, as He did His own Son.

What thoughts came to mind as you read the post?

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