Saturday August 1st, 2015 – Closet completed

What another wonderful day! Sue’s parents Anita and James, took Sue shopping to buy outfits for her 50th birthday a month ago. Meanwhile, my neighbor Anthony came around and helped me finish our closet project. What a blessing the Lord sent in

 Anthony, with his skills in carpentry. He focused on installing the quarter round, and door way t-molding, while I installed the light, and assembled the clothing racks from Ikea. We listened to ‘LOVE scenes from song of songs’ by Joe Niemand as we worked. We enjoyed a meal with each other and a time of sharing some of the many ways God had been working in our lives. What a blessed time we had together, this was right out of Acts 2:42! After Anthony left, Sue returned and we worked on cleaning up our master bedroom and moving the remaining shelves into the new closet space. I’m in awe of not just God’s power to turn around my life so quickly, but move me from a state of procrastination with the closet project for 2 years, to completion with 21 days. I should not be so surprised though, as the scriptures says it over and over and over, that this is the outcome when we are born again.

Having received such a blessing from   ‘LOVE scenes from song of songs’ I left a review on Amazon I hope it helps other receive a similar blessing to me –

What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?

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