I want to know what love is…


I’m sure most of us have loved Foreigners hit song I want to know what love is from November 1984, I know I loved listening to the song, over and over, it just is so in sync with my heart, though I didn’t give it much thought at that time in my life. However over the last 14 years, since God chose to reveal His Son in me, the song has taken on new significance.

Over the years as I saw Jesus’ love been walked out in my own family, modeled day-by-day by my wonderful partner Sue to our daughter Natalie, I started praying and pleading with Abba, Father “I want to know what love is“…

Around 2010, I watched the movie Faith Like Potatoes, that I heard about from my friend, Chris Ferris. The movie is based on the true story of Angus Buchan Faith Like Potatoes: The Story of a Farmer Who Risked Everything for God. Joe Niemand recorded the closing track of the movie, A New Day (Live).

I searched frantically for Joe’s site in South Africa, with the whole album offered for free – Glory To The King – I listened almost daily and couldn’t put the album down, when I did, I went back to my staple diet of the sweet voice of Jo Hogg on her album “Looking into Light (Celtic Hymns).

I purchased both of Joe’s English albums,‘Revival The Anthems Of Joy– and ‘Love Scenes from Song of Songs”.


I never really got to liking or understanding the music Love – Scenes from Song of Songs until after April 27th, 2015, when God invited me to walk by faith, and not sight, and then God spoke quietly in that still small voice in my heart and told me how He loved – sacrificially, laying His Son down for the world, and I would do likewise for my world, as He is, so are we in this world (1 John 4:17).

Each song on the album is an intimate invitation from Abba, Father to all His children to join him in the garden of our hearts – the Songs are based on the Bible book, Song of Songs. One of my favorite tracks is Your Surrender – God’s invitation to join Him in the garden and hear His call that we are loved beyond measure.

No eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor heart imagined, what God has for those who truly love Him – (1 Corinthians 2:9). I’ve never taken drugs, but for a week or so after Wednesday July 29th, 2015, when the full truth of Jesus words “It is done” became real to me, I was out of my mind, ecstatic, worshipping the Father in Spirit and truth (John 4:24). I had been baptized with the Holy Spirit in my car. It felt like I was filled with liquid love from head to toe.


I had never known Father’s LOVE like this before.


I felt like I was walking on water in the garden with Daddy, Abba, Father.

If you want to experience God’s love like never before, perhaps buy the album and invite God to reveal himself to you, in your heart, and imagine you are walking with Him in green pastures (Psalm 23).

I promise, if you are desperate enough and want to know God’s immense love for us, you will not be disappointed. 

Bless you, and thanks for reading, with love and gratitude,

Tony Maden

A fool for Christ, (1 Corinthian 4:10)

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