Finding Rest Today

As Sue and I shared about our day today this evening, and how ‘loving your neighbor as yourself’ plays out in our lives, it’s wonderful to re-read the many ways that our diversity, as apples, oranges, bananas, etc. in Dan Stone’s language reaches those who pick us off the shelf, and connect with our experiences, each in our unique ways.


I’ve been on twitter for over a year now, and really enjoy the connections I’m making. Because I’m by nature an includer, if someone follows me and their tweets look the least bit interesting, I follow back. (Sidebar for the non tweeter: to “follow” means that person subscribes to your Twitter feed, thus “following” or reading the tweets you post.) Due to this approach, I now follow more than 600 people. I truly love connecting with others, whether it’s something trivial like a love of Nutella or something deeper like a response to a news story, or discussing parenting, etc.

All that sounds great, and it is. But I realized today that I’ve been harboring some ill feelings, and it’s time to let them go.

There’s a group of mostly women who all follow each other on twitter, and often when we tweet we include more than one person in…

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