Touched by Heaven by Nancy Ravenhill

Touched By HeavenWhen I first said that I agree with God that He sent His Son into the world in November 2001, at Homer’s Coffee House, I’d always had an endless thirst for truth.

By 2006 disappointed by powerless religion, the Lord directed my attention elsewhere and I found Leonard Ravenhill’s books, audio and videos online. I was excited to find other English chaps living in America,  whom seemed like Paul to have a living thirst for Christ, that was more important than anything or possession on earth.

This led me to seek Len’s son David whom lived in Texas at the time and I felt led to call sometime in 2006. Later that year I joined the annual gathering of another British chap, Norman Grubb in Louisville KY, and came to understand the mystery of the ages, that Christ lived in me, as me (Col 1:27).

After many years of learning to be settled in the truth that Christ is our very life, by 2015, the Lord reconnected me with David, and I spoke with Nancy excited to hear that she had just written the book she didn’t want to write “Touched by Heaven: Inspiring True Stories of One Woman’s Encounters with Jesus”.

After our spontaneous and lengthy call on March 23rd, I immediately ordered the Kindle and paperback versions of the book. April 27th the Lord invited me to walk by faith and not sight, and later I repented as He instructed me in the way of His love, and gave me a brand new heart.

By July 31st, it was all done! I knew Father’s love like I’d never known love before, and I knew I was born again.

Touched by Heaven (Kindle)October 9th, I sat for 5 hours in my car at an area park listening to the Kindle version of Nancy’s book. I was so excited to hear how she saw Jesus often over the years, as she shared many painful experiences throughout her life. After I’d finished reading I couldn’t help but phone Nancy immediately to thank her for sharing her life story with me through the book.

The Lord made it clear I need not remain ignorant any longer of angels, nor walk in unbelief of His supernatural ways on earth as it is in heaven. God anointed us with the Holy Spirit AND with power to do good and heal those oppressed by the evil one (Acts 10:38).

I am blessed beyond measure to have received Nancy’s beautiful story of God’s loving and encouraging ways through the Ravenhill family throughout the years, and the practical guidance on the many ways which God’s guides us in our daily lives. I hope and pray you are blessed when you read or hear it too.

P.S. My sweet partner Sue is now reading the paperback version, so I pray many other’s in our midst will read the book too.

What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?

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