God ONLY! by Norman P. Grubb

Just keep on the single path. There is nothing but God-in-love, whether appearances are evil or good. HE ONLY is in all of them. Here is the secret. Thru the Fall we got a divided outlook and see two powers, good and evil, but back in Christ and Christ Universal, we see ONLY ONE, even if He often seems to appear in the devil’s guise! 

The only battle I have to fight is not against circumstances, or problems, or people, or even devil, except the devil* interfering with my inner outlook. If he can get me to see evil, then I am controlled by the evil I am seeing and believing in. But if I replace all such negative beliefs in outer appearances by seeing GOD ONLY in all, then I have the faith that overcomes the world!

*who we (Sue and I) often referred to as ‘the other guy’ and by so doing make him real and let him mess with our inner outlook. 

And ‘If he can get me to see evil, then I am controlled by the evil I am seeing and believing in.’ – up until this last week, I had experienced this ‘evil free’ viewpoint but starting at a new job, I experienced some in the work place who still operated from the ‘good evil’ flip-flop then I was sucked back into the same thinking, and then a series of seemingly small events with my supervisor threw me right back into that good-bad thinking. 

Another sign was losing ‘the peace that passes all understanding’, I’m sure this was noticeable to my partner as I may have  seemed more irritable.

I sensed confirmation that the statement ‘of myself I can doing nothing’ and ‘do not think more highly of yourself than you should’ were my owned words.

Lord thank you for reminding us of these vitally important points that I often trip over.

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What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?

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