One with the Father by Alex P. Cohen

Jesus operated from the perspective that He was one with the Father. That was the foundation from which everything He did and spoke proceeded. He saw Himself as a point of expression where the glory of God was continually manifesting. On at least two occasions, Jesus said, “He who has seen me has seen the Father.” So when He said “I”, there was no separation inferred. “I (a glorious expression of the Christ) and the Father are one.” 

With Jesus, we confidently declare, “I and the Father are one.” We are one with I AM. No longer do we look at ourselves as miserable wretches in need of improvement. Instead, we see ourselves one with God, perfect and complete, expressing His glory. 
We are not partially one, half one, or sort of one. There are no degrees of oneness. We are fully one with God. 
Because we are one with God, we experience unbroken fellowship with Him. We operate with a righteousness consciousness instead of a sin consciousness. We live confidently knowing that we uniquely express Him 24/7. 
We are one with God. NOW.
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