Christianity by Soren Kierkegaard

When Christianity entered into the world, people were not Christians, and the difficulty was to become a Christian. Nowadays the difficulty in becoming a Christian is that one must cease to become a Christian. One best becomes a Christian without “Christianity.” Not until a person has become so wretched that his only wish, his only consolation, is to die — not until then does Christianity truly begin.

Footnote from Christ as me…

*die in this context means die to a self-for-self life. God is always self-for-others, He can’t help Himself, being the lover-God He is. No man in his right mind would let himself be hung on a cross, would you? No of course not, unless doing so was His Fathers plan from the beginning of time, and His Father’s love was so compelling, that His own life was irrelevant in the grand scheme of life eternal.

If you are a Christian, when you’ve got 6 minutes, and you’re not driving, listen to this track with you’re eyes closed…

This love is written in stars and scars

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