Dear Kingdom family…

Last weekend I was with hundreds of people from the USA and abroad called by Jesus to heal the sick and raise the dead, cast out demons, baptize in water and the Holy Spirit!!!
It was mind blowing to see God uses us to heal pain and sickness TODAY in this dying world and bring people back to Himself through us.
In January this year I asked the Lord to show me how to clearly present the gospel, so I could be used to bring in the harvest, and who was healing the sick in 2016.
God sent me to a handful of people and a week last Sunday at 3am the Lord said go to this kickstart training in San Antonio TX.
What a blessing to visit the Alamo with teams on the street and lay hands on people and see them healed within seconds. We are ALL commanded to do this, not some special person in a box.

70 people were baptized on Saturday!!!!

Today we set right 1700 years of stinking thinking from Constantine in Gentile minds, repenting, baptizing in Jesus & Holy Spirit!!! #United #Kingdom #Jesus #LOVE’ 

You’ll be blessed to watch free

Also check the map below to see how quickly the harvesters are multiplying. Connect with someone who can kickstart you in your city:

It’s an exciting time to be alive, knowing the books of Acts is being lived out daily by Jesus disciples and Jesus is coming back soon!