The Last Reformation


At the beginning of 2016 I asked God why I hadn’t born much fruit in the kingdom since saying come into me in 2001.

After all of my talk about Jesus over the years sure I’ve encouraged and equipped hundreds of saints in their daily walks and missions since then but I’ve never led one person to Christ, never mind heal or baptized a single person.

Within a minute I had my first connections to people who clearly articulated the gospel in words then I asked Lord show me your saints who are healing the sick and raising the dead today and the rest is history…. Read about that here.

I’d yearned for kingdom reality on earth for years and in March my thirst was quenched!

Lord thank you for bringing me to this moment in time, to walk in my destiny, to execute the plan and purpose within me since the foundation of the world….

Bless you who read and connect to this kingdom work in 2016 and beyond ❤️

What is The Last Reformation about?



Kickstarting is changing the world and equipping believers to: heal the sick, preach the gospel, cast out demons and be led by the Spirit.
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We need to come back to the full gospel: we need to preach repentance, baptism in water and the Holy Spirit as Peter preached in Acts 2:38.
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It’s time for a reformation of the church: Freedom from the church system. The church is not the building. The church is you and me.
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