The Obedience of Faith by Norman Grubb

And, the temptations that come, they’re just good exercise. Your temptations become your adventure because your temptations give you new proofs of what God is. The pullings tempt you to act as if you’re not God. See when I’m in the union I’m not I but Christ. Precisely how Paul says it, “I don’t live, Christ lives.” My human self is just a branch expressing the Vine. The Vine’s the point. My human self is a body which is expressing the head which is Christ. The body’s just the agency of the head. The head’s what matters. The Vine’s what matters. See, when you do that and you’re living like that, you live free. 
Sin is that the whole world lives as if independent self, not as God. The whole is a lost world so it doesn’t see itself as a form of God, but sees itself as independent, but it really is a form of Satan. It doesn’t even know that — just thinks it’s a form of self. Of course, independent self is Satan, really. We don’t know that. And so the whole world is for self-for-self — Satan. 
So temptation is to pull me out to “I” fear, “I” react, “I” don’t like this, “I’m” hurt by that, “I’m” bothered with that, “I” haven’t got that far. “I,” “I,” “I,” “I”. It’s a lie! I’m being pulled out to a lie because I’m not “I”, I’m Christ. It’s a pulling, it’s an illusion, as if I’m “I” apart from Christ. 

That’s what temptation is. That’s my adventure. Because then it’s, “Oh, come on!” It gives me, when I’m hurt, “Oh, now, good, then. Now’s a chance to see how God makes me love a person who hurts me!” It confirms to me the God in me. I come back to God! So my negative moves me back to experience it being swallowed by a positive.
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