Seeing Through Externals by Norman P. Grubb

I think we are to see through the externals of people to their inner heart and always recognize that God is there speaking to them, even when they appear indifferent. If people prefer lies, as you say, we can know that deep inside they know they are guilty and that is the voice of God to them. In the parable of the Prodigal Son, I think the Father did not see the prodigal but the son. He was watching down the road for his return, expecting him; for He saw his wild ways as his distorted faith in believing the world could satisfy; but he knew he would be disillusioned. So I must learn to see all men as sons of God who don’t know it, and have their beliefs fixed on false values, and God will teach them by disillusion. This enables me to love them.
Jesus meant just that when He said, “Let them remain blind and deaf and not be converted”. He meant that first they must discover they are blind and deaf, before they see their need for eyes and ears!

So I think the great lesson God is teaching us is to see HIM in all things, whether they appear good or evil – just as Jesus did not see the devil crucifying him, but it was His Father’s cup. Then He could have peace and joy in the suffering and faith for the resurrection.
Knight of Faith, Volume I
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