Perfect Love by Norman P. Grubb


We cannot in this distracting world be pressed into His arms and ways of perfect love except by experiencing in some devastating way what seems cruel and wrong and “why should it happen to me” kind of thing. True dying with Jesus to our human selves can only be by some forms of suffering or humiliation which don’t seem fair or kind to us. Then we learn that accepting wrongs done us or unfair treatment is what roots us down and fixes us in daring to believe that everything that happens to me has been perfectly determined by my God of perfect love.
By this means I get my practice in “seeing through” to HIM ONLY in ALL things, even when I can’t at first see why. Then as I am fixed in a loving God in all my affairs and self, I can equally be fixed in seeing Him at His love-work in all people and things, including the one who has wronged me. And I am not afraid. I don’t have to go round and protect myself for the future. No. God has me in His hands and everything that touches me is meant by Him.
Knight of Faith, Volume I
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