Poo on Balance

‘Finding balance’ is nothing more than another name for self-effort!

I love my brother Fred, always speaking the truth because he can not help himself, be anyone but the expresser-indweller of the One who indwells all in all:

Voice in the Wilderness

Poo on Balance

by Fred Pruitt

(I’m still working on Part Three of the Intercessions of Paul. In the meantime, I am posting the below on this blog for the first time.)

It may be a bit much for some, but I’ve never thought “grace” could be pushed too far. Many have said to me, “You need to be more balanced,” and even well-meaning but misinformed people using the term, “we need a healthy balance of law and grace.”

Poo on “balance!” No such thing. In God “we” don’t “balance” anything. That would most definitely be a work of the flesh. When the Spirit says, “Go,” we go; when He says, “Stay,” we stay; when He says, “Say this,” we say this. Do we say to Him, “Sorry, Lord, but you pressed that point a lot last week so I think it would be good to lay off that this…

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