Anniversary and Ephesians

Today celebrates the 19th anniversary of first contact with Sue. She writes this on Facebook:

Tony and Sue at Chilli's Dec 1997
Tony and Sue at Chilli’s Dec 1997
It was August 6, 1997 and I was in Dublin, Ireland. It was a business trip, and I was in a call center getting ready to do software training along with coworker Meg. Before the session started, I opened up my laptop and checked my email. Back then it was AOL of course. And it was dial-up. So of course I waited for the connection and then those three little words, “You’ve got mail.” And, boy did I. I’d had a reply to a penpal request I’d sent. The reply was from an Englishman whose job title I thought was interesting; continuous improvement facilitator. And there began an email exchange that would take us on a journey to where we are 18 years later. Tony & I were married on August 8, 1998. So today we celebrate our anniversary of “first contact” (first email), before our wedding anniversary which comes two days later. The photo below is from the first time we met in person. Happy 19th anniversary of first contact babe, I sure am grateful for the adventure we’ve been on and look forward to the next chapter.

The book of Ephesians has been on my mind of late because this is my mission and purpose in life, help develop the body life, help bring about the unity of the body that Paul talks of.

Enjoy my reading of Ephesians as I will.
Bless you