ROMANS 6-8 by Norman P. Grubb [part 6]

By Norman P. Grubb


In eternity, God begat His Son, thereby transmuting His own fire-Self into a light-Self and becoming the Self of other love. We understand from Genesis that our first parents were created in God’s image, to be containers of His Spirit and expressers of His nature by means of their humanity. To symbolize this planned union, the Tree of Life with its precious fruit was set in the midst of the Garden.

Satan, on the other hand, transmuted his self of fiery desires into the self-for-self nature of consuming love. And this nature of his is what he infused into us all at the Fall, as though it were ours. So man, who was designed to be united with the Spirit of self-for-others, was tricked into yielding to the Satanic spirit of self-for-self (Eph. 2:1-3; Jn 8:44).

In the present, we have learned and by faith put into practice our Lord Jesus Christ’s Calvary identification with us and as us. As a result, a tremendous change of indwelling spirit has taken place in us; and that deceiver no longer indwells and controls us.

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