Real Faith by Norman Grubb

I recently received and email from my dear friend Dee Dee in Texas. 

Dee Dee has published many of Norman’s talks compiled in books. 

She was excited to share what she thought was the clearest explanation of faith from our Father in Faith, Norman Percy Grubb, and I for one agree!

Norman shares his testimony from the early days of learning to walk by faith as he assumed responsibility for the World Evangelism Crusade (WEC) started by CT Studd who had passed away on the mission field in the Congo in the 1930’s.

I hope you enjoy listening to this dynamite explanation of faith, as I am sure as you meditate upon it and put it into practice by faith in your own life, you will be amazed at God’s fruit through you, and you will say to this mountain, move and it will do as you say. Enjoy!

“Therefore I say to you, whatever you pray and ask for, believe that you will receive it, and it will be so for you.”

‭‭Mark‬ ‭11:24‬ ‭CEB‬‬