F R E E D O M in Christ alone!

The Freedom CD  encouraged me when I was lost in the early days of my faith journey. It was to be found on United4Truth [dot] com, which sadly is no longer online. Thankfully many other saints around the world have it archived, and continue to share to encourage saints who come after us. The Lord is so good to us. His word goes out and never returns void and always accomplishes it’s purpose.

If you are sense you are going through a rough patch, and feel confused, resist the devil and he will flee from you, ask the Lord to comfort you and make Himself as the Prince of Peace real to you, and perhaps listen to this CD, not of any pastor or evangelist, but the testimonies of brothers and sisters like you and me:

We over come the evil one with the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony (Rev 12:11)

“FREEDOM” is a CD that is designed to do just that. On the “FREEDOM” CD you will not find the voice of any evangelist or pastor, just the words of Jesus and the testimonies of people who have received this treasure and bare witness to the fact that it is real.

Here is the entire “FREEDOM” CD consisting of 10 tracks in mp3 format.
[i](If internet explore tries to make you download the files as mpg simply right click the link and select “save target as” when the box comes up type .mp3 at the end of the file name. The file will then be saved in mp3 format.)[/i]
Track 1 Matthew 1-4 (7.9 MB – 7 min)
Track 2 Matthew 5-6 (9.3 MB – 8 min)
Track 3 Matthew 7-10 (6.8 MB – 6 min)
Track 4 Matthew 11 (5.9 MB – 5 min)
Track 5 Matthew 12-15 (6.5 MB – 6 min)
Track 6 Matthew 16 (7.7 MB – 7 min)
Track 7 Matthew 17-20 (7.2 MB – 6 min)
Track 8 Matthew 21-25 (8.4 MB – 7 min)
Track 9 Matthew 26-27 (11.2 MB – 10 min)
Track 10 Matthew 28 (12.2 MB – 11 min)

[b]Testimonies:[/b] If you have a testimony about the Freedom CD please email it to sermonindex@msn.com or contact Greg at http://sermonindex.net