He is not here

David Heisler, Tony Maden and Dee Dee Winter, 2006

‘He is not here’ by David Heisler 

He is not here: for he is risen …” Matt. 28.6


I suppose I could have entitled this “He is risen”. But, given the fact that today is Easter, you’re going to hear that all day. 


But the point I am making is that wherever you are looking for Him – He is not there. Where are you looking for Him today, as Mary looked for Him at the tomb? Are you looking at a sunrise service? Are you looking for Him at church? Are you looking for Him in your bible? 


He is not in any of those places. Don’t go looking for Him today. 


He is risen.


He is risen in you. He is risen in me.


He is risen as you. He is risen as me.


Happy Easter. May you always find Him in the mirror – in the very heart of your being.