Joseph by Norman Grubb, Part 13


By Norman P. Grubb
So Joseph said, “Come near to me.” He added the marvelous word, “Now therefore be not grieved nor angry with yourselves that ye sold me hither; for God did send me before you to preserve life and to preserve posterity on the earth”. He was beginning to see God’s purpose in it all. “So it was not you that send me hither, but God.” 
The kiss of reconciliation settled them when he “fell on his brother Benjamin’s neck” and wept and kissed all his brethren. After that, his brethren talked with him. They didn’t completely get free. There was a healing of memories to be done which had to take place later. With some of us, until we’ve really seen the completion of our place in Christ, people can carry that same problem of unhealed memories. But there was a reconciliation. They saw that Joseph accepted them, loved them and the family. Then there came this period of great rejoicing. Pharaoh heard of it, was delighted, and said he would send every kind of help and wealth and sustenance to bring the whole family into Egypt. They returned and told Jacob his son was alive and that he was to come and see him in Egypt and the whole family was to move, which they did. There was a great procession with the wagons for transport and loads of food that Pharaoh had sent. 
They came into the land of Egypt and were given the best of the land, Goshen, the most productive area. Jacob went before Pharaoh and there he acted as he was…as God’s man, God’s prince…and he blessed Pharaoh and talked a little with him. Then they settled down into their new life.
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