False Self-effort by Norman P. Grubb

False Self-effort

by Norman P. Grubb

This whole area of temptation and sin is most important for us believers for this is where so much of our confusion and conflict resides. If we do commit a sin, we must be careful not to slip back into that false self—effort which tempts us to resolve that we won’t commit it again, if it is something we often repeat. When we are in such a situation, we stand in our total faith position: Be as me is also my Keeper – Jude 24, so when we feel desperate through the weakness of an apparent habit, we boldly tell Him we can find no deliverance by our own false self—effort or good resolution (that lie of the independent self). We are already delivered. We boldly say, “I shall do it again unless You keep me; but you are my Keeper.” If we commit it again, we return by the same way of 1 John 1:9 and back again to that same position of faith as an already delivered person, and faith is the sub¬stance.

The same is true if it is something, which is not sin in any specific form named in Scripture, but we find ourselves tempted to consider a harmful “habit”. In this we walk the same way. We shall not look for “deliverance” by good resolutions or forms of that lie of self—effort. No! We boldly say that we do not even talk of a needed “deliverance. We are in that same position of faith that I as He know no such thing as a habit which is not He as me. I continue as before with no condemnation, and disregarding the condemnation of others; and in that freedom He will make any changes that please Him. Faith will produce changes that no negative false condemnation can produce.

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