Obedience of Faith

There is no way but the “obedience of faith”. That does not mean a lot of things you have to “obey” and do. No indeed. But you have to believe. “The obedience of faith”. 
How do you do that? Right in the midst of all those disturbed feelings, you affirm God’s word to be true, and you say it is true – that Christ dwells in you, and you and He are joined as one. You don’t feel it, it may appear nothing to you to say it; but saying it from your inner centre, is the obedience of faith which takes God at His word. You can say it – read Rom.10.17. Repeat it over and over again, if need be. Don’t fight your feelings and thoughts of that kind. Just replace them by turning your attention the other way and recognizing Him by faith. 

What you believe, and that just means you accept and state it to be true of you, though you may feel nothing. It will, when the Spirit knows the right moment has come, settle into you with an inner awareness. 
Knight of Faith, Volume I
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