Praying By Norman P. Grubb

You ask some searching questions on Rees Howells. There are both types of prayer, what we might call responsible praying and co-operative praying. Responsible praying is intercession, for it means that God has so laid a thing on us that we know He is saying to us, “I will do it through you.” That type of praying is the one prayer R.H. refers to, and it is accompanied by paying the price – whatever God may require of us in taking the place of those we pray for. It is when there is death that there is life, so intercession has a death in it, death to self that others might live. You don’t make up that death, or think it out, but it is just something God gives in His own way, and not the least in our way, when He gives us an intercession. As the price is paid, the Spirit gives us the authority to claim the answer, even as Jesus had authority to claim the coming of the Spirit on the basis of His intercessory death. There is also the other type of praying, the quick shaft of prayer for this or that, maybe the daily remembrance of things and people God puts on our hearts. I call that co-operative praying; and in the least prayer there is some proportion of travail and identification. I agree with you about the value of prayer, or even more of the attitude of faith and love to pass us by. 
From Knight of Faith, Volume I
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