ROMANS 6-8 By Norman P. Grubb

In order for us to learn this indwelling principle to its depths, Paul challenges, “Just try to keep the Law, and you’ll find the very opposite occurring. You have been a slave to Satan and sin and are now a slave to Christ and His righteousness. But that change of owner and indweller doesn’t truly lay hold of you in its reality while there remains some sense of self-relying self in you as if you are not just a slave. So just try to keep the law and live the Christian life; and you will find you can’t, because there never was a ‘just you’.” 
Your trying is really the remnant of Satan’s deceit on you that you are an independent self. Then you will respond to his sin controls and fall on your face in your failures to keep the law; and that failure will at last expose to you this lie that you can act and respond independently. There is no such thing. Your “I can” is still Satan having his lying hold on you. 
Then at last it can become real to you that Jesus’ dying for us and as us, and His rising by God’s Spirit for and as us means a change of ownership. But we never did own ourselves. Satan-owner is out for keeps and Christ-owner is in for keeps. Now we just need to know we are Christ-managed, never self-managed, and no longer Satan-managed. The outer Law is now meaningless. We are dead to it because our “I” is solely the expresser of God’s life; and he operates His laws and nature spontaneously in us, by us, and as us. That is our answer to every false claim in this Satan-infected world that Satan has a hold on us. 
Christ in us is our law; and He fulfills it by us, just as Satan used to fulfill his by us. Satan is out for keeps, Christ is in for keeps and now we can actually live what we said we do live in Romans 6:11 — dead to sin and alive to God in our Lord Jesus Christ (Rom. 6:11).
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