The harvest is great, but the workers are few…

The video above from GO Harvest Mission shows the simplicity of God’s promises fulfilled through little children healing adults by speaking simple words “pain go now in Jesus name!”

Have you been a Christian for a short time or for all your life, and have you ever doubted God can heal today as He healed people in his own time 2000 + years ago?

God is God, His Spirit reigns, His Spirit lives in you as you, He heals today as He did yesterday as He will tomorrow.

God is hoping you who say you are His children will walk by faith and share Himself with your family, friends, coworker, and strangers, by loving people just where they are, healing the sick just as Jesus modeled.

The question is, will you walk by faith, trust God and be a Jesus clone in your form to your community, or will you continue to do nothing in unbelief?

God only knows…