GOD ONLY By Norman P. Grubb

October 22, 1958 

Dear Dana: 

Thank you for writing. You certainly told me some things about Fred that I did not know before. 

I still say that faith is the victory. We cannot help having heavy hearts, but when we give way to grief, we are really giving way to unbelief. If we dare to believe the God of the impossible, then we honor Him by rejoicing when things are darkest. Now is the moment to rejoice in a reigning Christ who has had entry into Fred’s heart, and despite anything is Victor over the enemy now, and will demonstrate that victory by casting him out of Fred. We stand in faith that Christ will be honored in his life, and that actually he will come out all the stronger after he has tampered with unbelief. I had a fierce time when I had a battle royal with atheism, but I came out all the stronger in the end, although it is true that I did not give way to it in the way Fred is. 

So let us continue in faith and deliberate praise. I am with you in this. 

Affectionate greetings in Christ, 


From Knight of Faith Volume I
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