GOD ONLY By Norman P. Grubb

Dec. 30, 1960 

Dear Ruth: 

Thank God for the tough spots He put you in. That is where He is getting His love through you to the unlovely, and to people who harm you. That is how Jesus lived on earth, expressing the love of God to those who criticized and hated Him; and that is how Jesus now lives in us, expressing the same love through us. He has put us among difficult people, so that His supernatural love may be seen by them. So praise the Lord for every tough spot you are in. It is not God’s will to deliver us from tough spots, but in them. There is no other way of getting at those who do not know Him except by those who do living among them. 

I wonder if you got your new job. Write to me and let me know; but you must not expect things to become easier. We often regard it that God puts us in difficult situations to try or to sanctify us; but that is not the reason. We are not put there for what it may do for us, but for what God can get through us of His love to others. The Lord bless you and do write again. 

Sincerely yours in Christ, 

From Knight of Faith Volume I
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