Learning To Be Spirit People By Norman P. Grubb

Q & A Union Life Magazine 

Q In January 1981 I was in an auto accident which paralyzed my left arm and hand. Despite a two-month’s stay in the hos­pital and subsequent therapies, very little progress has been made. Medi­cal sources state that the arm will not be restored to its former usefulness, although there might be some im­provement in about two years. De­spite this prognosis, my faith in the Lord’s fulfillment of His promises remains unshaken, and the Biblical admonition, saying, “Cursed be the man that trusted in man” gives me additional comfort. Do you have anything supporting my view and stating the attitude which a patient should cultivate in a situation like this? 
John Prescott, AZ 
A YOU AND I are not primarily body people, but spirit-people living in the inner reality of our human selves (our spirits), eternally joined to His Spirit (I Cor. 6:17). Therefore you live in the Spirit reality, and all that comes to you, including this auto accident, comes from Him in His perfect purposes. (Accidents and all ills don’t come directly from God, but are products of the misused free­dom of us all in our first-Adam, Satan-expressing condition, But, in the perfect paradox of eternal truth. He also intended, in His perfect love; that we should have the effects of this misused freedom—and so your accident.) 
Now your liberation is purely in your inner “seeing.” As you see your physical condition as part of His perfect plan to manifest Himself by you, you have your eyes on Him in His love purposes, and not on the physical condition, though you can’t help but feel the physical suffering involved. In the meantime, you are a praising person in your physical condition. 
From here, you go on to see your­self as being and walking in Him as your life, including your body con­dition. You expect body-quickening according to the word of Romans 8:11. However, you do not keep your attention on the body-quickenings, but freely benefit from any medical assistances which are also from Him. Rather than timetabling your present body conditions or progresses, you just live as being He in your form, He comes through you in manifes­tation of Himself as perfect by you 
As physical improvements come, you thankfully accept them, and don’t tie your negative believing to what your doctors say must be your fixed, maimed condition. You just go on being, and you will likely find that physical improvement also, almost spontaneously and automatically, be­cause your eyes and attention are no longer on the physical but on shar­ing your joy in being a total person as Christ in you as you. Then the rivers of the Spirit flow out from you. That is perfect “healing.”
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