Resting in Our Spirit Center By Norman P. Grubb

Resting in Our Spirit CenterBy Norman P. Grubb
Q & A Union Life Magazine 
Q I suffer from chronic anxiety and take Valium daily. Can you offer any spiritual counsel for this problem? 
A MOST OF OUR troubles have their source in confusing the outer emotions of our souls with the calm center of our spirits joined to His Spirit (I Cor. 6:17). God means us to experience these negative assaults from anxiety, etc., to establish us in our still center, as Peter says in I Peter 5:10. So thank God for them (just as James tells us to “count it all joy” in our trials—Jas. 1:2). Then recognize them as negative assaults from with­out coming through your emotions. Don’t fight them or they will fight back; but transfer your inner recog­nition to Christ, the Perfect One, who is eternally joined to you and is your real inner self. Count on Him as your Valium. If you still feel the need to take it, do so, but keep saying to Him and yourself that He is your inner calmness. Expect Him to be so real to you that the desire for Valium drops off.
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