The Meaning of Union Part 3 by David Heisler

The Meaning of Union Part 3 by David Heisler

John says, “Children, Young Men and Fathers”.  [1 John 2.12-13]  The category you find yourself in is merely your perception of yourself.  Of course we all have all sorts of perceptions and thoughts, but these are the basic three – Children, Young Men and Fathers – at least as far as John saw it.


Now, what does “category” or “perception” mean?  Let’s explain.  “Children” see themselves in a childlike relationship with God.  Generally speaking that person is relatively new to the faith.  That person might have had a dramatic conversion experience, as I did.  God, who was far off, is now near and He is kind and loving and basically, “Daddy”.  It’s a sweet time especially for those who really need a Daddy. However, the Child is basically a “taker” and not a “giver” and, in basic, early immature perception, not much help in the furtherance of the Kingdom.  But that is not a criticism, only a factual statement of where we all began.


In the Child stage “forgiveness of sin” is big – for many – really big.  I say that because there are many that come to faith in Jesus with a checkered past.  Their life gets a complete makeover upon faith in Jesus.  So, knowing the burden and the penalty of sin is lifted and that you have eternal life because of the vicarious death of the Savior, life is wonderful and changing, perhaps rapidly.


More on that in Part 4