The Meaning of Union Part 4 by David Heisler

The Meaning of Union Part 4 by David Heisler

So, we said that “Child” is the start in how you perceive yourself in this new life of faith and knowing God.  And, just as a human child, the reality is that you’re not going to stay a “Child” forever.  Some try, but inevitably all will move on.


And, just as a human child, you are totally on the receiving end, dependent on others.  And, as it should be, the Child is full of awe and wonder.  The Child has many questions and no end of the more “experienced” willing to give advice and guidance.  Everyone wants to make sure the Child gets started on the right foot.

Most, new to Christianity, approach it as one would approach anything new – get with the program – find out what you can – associate with others.  Advice is freely given by those further down the road.


Up until salvation God is seen as far off.  He appears to be a separate entity from me.  We seem to exist in the same universe, but He is “up” in heaven and I am “down” here on earth.  But, after salvation – we now know Him, personally, intuitively, and before we did not.  But basically He still appears to be “outside” or “separate” from us.  Christianity is now seen as a thing to be learned, program to do, Bible to memorize, quiet times to have, church to join and bible studies to attend.    It can all get very complicated very quickly.  It did for me.


And, we will talk about that in Part 5