The Meaning of Union Part 6 by David Heisler

The Meaning of Union Part 6 by David Heisler

Let’s discuss “Christian” growth.  First, consider a human embryo.  Upon conception that human has the genetic potential for all he or she will ever be.  While the human will grow from a microscopic size to a full grown size – the fertilized egg, genetically speaking, is a complete human being.  That embryo will never become more of a human being or a better human being.  In the very same sense the “child” Christian – while new in the faith – is a complete Christian.  In fact, better still, a complete person.  The Child will never become more of a Christian or a better person.  The Child will never be closer to God or have more of Him.  The Child is a 100% complete Christian at salvation.


Now, you would never ever say that because a human being is young or small, that somehow they are not a complete person.  Physical growth does not affect the reality of who a human, or a person, is.   The confusing point is that, as Christians, we equate Christian growth with getting closer to God by learning more about Him or living a more ethical or moral existence – doing what “Jesus would do” – becoming more “Christ-like”.  This is primarily because in the “Child” and “Young Man” stages, God is still perceived as external or a separate Being – which is a misconception – as He is neither external nor separate.


More on that in Part 7