The Meaning of Union Part 7 by David Heisler

The Meaning of Union Part 7 by David Heisler

In reality God chose to deem the entire creation lost – not some more than others – just all lost. All need forgiveness – all need a Savior.  What He did at that point did not depend upon a human – with the exception of One – Jesus Christ.  The crucifixion is the one and final sacrifice needed to bring the entire creation to redemption.   “… though the blood of his cross, by him to reconcile all things …  [Col. 1.20]  And, the crucifixion is not just a historical event, but rather eternal.


So, when a person avails their self to the free gift of redemption, a very common prayer used by many, upon their first exercise of faith is, “Come into my heart, Lord Jesus”.  Well, guess what?  That is actually and precisely what happens.  Why would anyone doubt that?  His Spirit is now joined to your spirit.  His Heart and your heart are one.  An eternal, Holy Union of God to man is created upon that exercise of faith.  It does not get “better” or “more”.  It simply is.  We should be crystal clear on that point.  It really, really doesn’t get any better.  Union is not a relationship that can be measured.  It simply is.  The only relevant question remaining, and what we are really talking about here is, “do I know it?”  Do I know my union?  And the reality is that a Child or Young Man really cannot know their union.  The union is real however, but it simply is not for the Child or Young Man to fathom – not at the moment.


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