The Meaning of Union 10 by David Heisler

The Meaning of Union 10 by David Heisler

The Young Man stage is designed to thoroughly allow each and every one of us to come to the end of our selves. It can be a frustrating stage where the Christian equates growth with gaining knowledge and becoming powerful. And this is necessary and important, but that will not be obvious at first. For a time you must think it is all “about you” – you are strong – you know the bible – you know how to fight satan – you – you – you. But this stage must end, and it will, at the end of your rope. You’ve done that once – come to the end of your rope when you invited Jesus into your heart. You stopped rationalizing, theorizing and avoiding the truth. You fell on your face before the King of Kings and embraced the truth of Who He Is and finally acknowledged His great love for you. You did exercise that mustard seed of faith and commenced your relationship with the King of the Universe.

Now, as a Young Man you will come to the end of your rope again. The Young Man will attempt to perfect his Christianity – not knowing it is already perfect. The Young Man will work very hard at Christianity and may spend many years doing just that. So, what is the “plan”? The Young Man approaches Christianity as a religion – a self-improvement religion. He busies himself memorizing scripture, which is a good thing really, fighting the devil and being proud of how strong he thinks he is. The Young Man will pray “God fill this place with your Spirit” – or – “God give me the strength, or wisdom or faith or whatever – God give me something so I can do [whatever]”.

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