The Meaning of Union 11 by David Heisler

The Meaning of Union 11 by David Heisler

The Young Man still sees God as external – separate from himself. He thinks he must wake God up to the problems of the world. God is somewhere else; perhaps sleeping, and must be entreated to “do such and such a thing”. “Strength” is seen as a thing to be acquired – that God will give you “strength” if you ask Him properly.

“[Y]e are strong, and the word of God abideth in you, and ye have overcome the wicked one.” [I John 2.12-14] This is not a directive to accomplish, only a statement of fact. This is how the Young Man sees himself, the next understanding, not the last.

This is a necessary stage and God allows the Young Man to go on his merry way with his misconception that his strength comes from within himself and that he can develop more by, perhaps, reading and memorizing more scripture and prayer and commitment and morality and whatever else he thinks will make him a better Christian. The Young Man will, eventually fall flat on his face and say “it’s not working”. Actually, there is no guarantee that he will. But hopefully he will. The reason I say “hopefully” is that there are some that never do, but go on through life seeing God as an external being and their life-long purpose to improve their Christianity. But, thankfully for many, the Young Man will be frustrated with his inability to move forward, as he thinks he should, into Christian maturity. He is now ripe for the next step – Fatherhood.

More on that in Part 12