The Meaning of Union 14 by David Heisler

The Meaning of Union 14 by David Heisler

There are many fine religions in the world. When I say that I mean that if you are looking for an ethical or moral lifestyle and you want to make that lifestyle your religion, you have some good choices. Christianity, however, is not a religion. But, when it is approached as religion, as the Young Man does, Christianity fails. You will fail at Christianity and Christianity will fail you, if you approach it as a lifestyle of ethics and morality.

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life…” [John 14.6] So, “Life” is not a thing to be possessed, earned or created. Life is a Person – a Person that lives His life as me. It is quite humbling to grasp that He actually chooses to live His life in me and you, as me and you. But, upon recognition of the failure of Christianity as religion, and realization that Life is a Person, you commence the process of “Christ … [being] formed in you”. [Gal. 4.19] Christ, Himself, living in and as us is not a religion. Jesus did not found a religion. Christianity is the living Christ, living in and as us.

Certain things in life must be learned by failure. And, certain things in life can only be known by first knowing the opposite. Christianity is no exception. You will probably never grasp the truth of your Union and that He lives in you until you become frustrated and feeling a failure at rule based self-improvement Christianity.

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