The Meaning of Union 15 by David Heisler

The Meaning of Union 15 by David Heisler

Recall, John tells us that there are three stages of understanding or perception of our identity in Christ – Children, Young Men and Fathers. [I John 2.12-13] In the first two stages we perceive ourselves as independent beings – I’m here and God is there. As “independent beings” we go through all manner of exercises and programs as we attempt to work at and perfect our Christianity. Some use terminology such as our “walk with God”. Even that seemingly harmless phrase is so totally misleading. We don’t walk with Him. He walks in us. There is a difference. It’s all in how you see yourself. In Fatherhood we see and understand the difference between “walking with God” and “God walking in us”. But first, you must be thoroughly grounded in your attempt to live and see yourself as an independent being, perfecting your version of Christianity before you move on to Fatherhood.

Having started Christianity at a relatively advanced age [18] the whole deal came flying at me very quickly. At age 19, about 13 months after my salvation, I heard my first message of “union” – Fatherhood. I had the privilege [coincidence?] of accepting an invitation from a friend to hear an old missionary speak at All Saints Episcopal Church in Fort Worth, Texas. At that point, in my short Christian existence, I really had heard every different take on “real” Christianity and this message was different.

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