The Meaning of Union 16 by David Heisler

The Meaning of Union 16 by David Heisler

On that day in January 1973, at age 19, I really don’t recall exactly what that old missionary said, but I knew he was on to something. That’s understatement, as he was probably on to something from before my father was born. He encouraged me to see myself as God’s asset not His liability. And so, for the next seven and one-half years I said, to myself, over and over that I, David Heisler, am the David Heisler form and expression of the Christ. And, that is exactly what John meant when he said “Father”. And, I believed that to be true. But, for those seven and one-half years I really didn’t “get it”. It was initially only a concept to me – a concept I whole-heartedly accepted and wanted to know – but only, none-the-less, a concept.

So, why should we know our union? Because “Christ must be formed in you” [Gal. 4.19] – and the “forming” is the “knowing” – intuitively, permanently, unquestionably. And, the reality is that the forming has already happened and now must be grasped. You must own your possession. You must know and be who you are.

As a Father you now know that He lives His life, not just in you, but as you. You drop the Child and Young Man notions of self-improvement and attaining or obtaining a better Christianity. You stop running down those dead ends.

Why is that so important? Why must I know this?

More on that in Part 17