The Meaning of Union 17 by David Heisler

The Meaning of Union 17 by David Heisler

We must all take our best shot at grasping, understanding and living in the full expression of who we really are. Human beings are the highest form of created beings; higher than angels. With all due respect to the angels, and believe me I don’t want to anger one of those great warriors, but they know nothing of faith as we do. They see God face to face. As humans, locked in time and space, we simply don’t see Him that way. Moses might have. But, we, for the most part, operate in a realm of faith and intuition, but not always by sight. “The just shall live by faith.” [Habakkuk 2.4 and Romans 1.17]

We are sons and daughters of God. “Wherefore thou art no more a servant, but a son; and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ.” [Gal. 4.7] This is a strong affirmation of our personhood. As I said earlier, we are God’s assets in this world. And, indeed His best assets. So we must settle once and for all the question of who we really are.

And “who we are” is plain. We are Fathers, gender neutral – men and women. Fathers know their identity. Fathers know and are settled in the reality that He lives His life in us and as us. And Who is He that lives His Life in and through us? In the Old Testament He tells us His name – “I am”. Jesus also said “I am”. But that sort of begs the question – “I am who – I am what?” Well, He answers that question also …

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