The Meaning of Union 18 by David Heisler

The Meaning of Union 18 by David Heisler

So Who is the One that lives His Life in, through and as us? He says His name is “I AM”. [Exodus 3.14] John describes Him as the embodiment of “Love”. “God is love”. [1John 4.8] So it is that Love Himself lives His Life as us. So, who we really are, as Him, is becoming very clear. And we must be thoroughly grounded in this reality.

So, one thing we know is that love is not an emotion; although love can be felt. It is not a thing to be obtained. More properly Love is a Person -The Person. You will never be the originator of love nor own it or get more as if it were a thing to be obtained – but you will be an expression of The Person Who is Love.

Why is this important? Because – Love exists for others. Love has no other purpose. Consider the following. If God made a choice – and that is hard to imagine because “choice” is really a temporal word – a word for time and space. But, let’s say, He sat down one day and made a choice. Well, His choices are obvious. He could be alone – or – He could have created all that exists to serve Him – or – and the choice He obviously made, was that He could serve and, in fact, die for His creation. Well, if that’s not the best definition of love – I don’t know how to define love. And guess what that says about us?

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