The Meaning of Union 21 by David Heisler

The Meaning of Union 21 by David Heisler

So – we are now the expression of Him who is Love. And, we are in fact, Love ourselves. We know that we are Fathers. We know that it is important to know this. But, ultimately, what is the purpose in all this? Are we created to be a race of immature Children and Young Men? Is there some eternal purpose in all being self-centered – “getting the blessings” like kids in a candy store? No, of course not.

The truth is that we are mature. We do know who we are. We are safe. We are His expression. He is the Lover. We are lovers. He is the Creator. We are creators. He gave His Life. We shall give our lives. This is truly Christianity. This is who we are. The process of going from the consciousness of Children to Young Men to Fathers is what Paul described as the “renewing of your mind”. “… be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind …” [Romans 12.2] “And be renewed in the spirit of your mind …” [Ephesians 4.23] Understanding that, as a Father, you exist for others is very different and very much bigger than your original thoughts about Christianity.

The Father’s mind is renewed. He does not see Christianity as a religion to improve his self. His self will never be improved, only replaced by Christ Himself. Fathers do not look to “get something” out of Christianity – rather – he sees himself as one who gives all because he loves and is love himself.

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