We Are Now the Word Made Flesh By Fred Pruitt

Daily Thoughts

We Are Now the Word Made Flesh

By Fred Pruitt

God’s purposes and God’s people (which is “anyone” who wants to be one), will be revealed, fuThe greatest change perhaps is that we no longer are looking for blessings. My life has finally ceased to be “about ME!” We realize we ARE the blessing and the blessers, and that means we have something to bring to the table.

Now, the most powerful thing we bring to the table of being with other humans, is ourselves. We don’t need props or proofs. Why? Because we are the Light of the World, the Salt of the Earth, known and read of all men. We do not come to people as enlightened heavenly beings, here to “grace” those who receive us with special favor and secret knowledge. No, we come as brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, cousins and friends. We come finally as Who and What we are – human beings whose self-identity is Christ in us. One person, manifest in and as the many persons, each unique and distinct in their Christ-empowered humanity.

Whatever is the mist on the mountain of humanity right now, whatever is trying to block our view of the whole panorama of God’s continual workings and manifestations, is only a passing thing. Whatever turmoil there is or whatever turmoil that may come, whatever pain or insecurity or fear we might experience worrying about our future, NOTHING HAS CHANGED! Today’s current events do not change the plan of God or put it on hold or alter it in any way. Today’s vexations are the springboards to tomorrow’s opening of the things of God.

God’s hand is still outstretched, calling every and anyone to come, take of the water of life freely. It is an open invitation and we repeat it now. It doesn’t matter one’s station, level of knowledge, politics, or professed beliefs, because when we knock on God’s door He answers with overabundant love and grace. So are all who are born of His Spirit. We become the overabundant love and grace. We are all, “the Word made flesh.”

Peace be with you.

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