Be still and know

I am standing still, breathing His breath, with no other forms of outward expression I am in the perfect will of God.

When an up-gush of Spirit comes then He will express himself in my form as He wills, His way, and His timing.

I awake with desire to run away from all the outer form of God that has clearly been my expression for the last few years and retreat to the inner and outer garden life.

As I have the mind of Christ and in my old form I no longer live, then I accept all my thoughts are trustworthy.

I am now that Spirit man in the rotting outer body, born again from above.

Carrying on each day being a spontaneous expression of Him moment by moment as the Holy Spirit wind leads.

No matter what I do, I am loved unconditionally by my Heavenly Father.

I am His beloved in who He is well pleased.

I never have to work or try to earn His love as it is freely given.

God loves that I exist and breath.

He loves how I live and move and have my being in Christ

He said be still and know that I am God!

He designed into us the ebb and flow like the tides.

He created the mountain and the valley

He said be still and know.

And so, I am

I am He in Tony form

What thoughts came to mind as you read the post?

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